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Rachel Baylis

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Rachel Baylis

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Country-flag United Kingdom

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£ 35/hr

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Weekday Evenings

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Counselling is a process that involves talking about issues or problems that are causing you distress. It involves spending time exploring specific difficulties, such as low-mood or anxiety to understand why you are feeling like this and what might help make things better. It is generally focused on specific topics that are affecting you at the moment, and is a supportive process designed to help you feel more in control. I work with a variety of symptoms including anxiety, depression, bereavement, and low self-worth. I am a Gestalt therapist(humanistic and gentle), incorporating CBT(providing practical ways for you to work with in between sessions). I work with disordered eating, specialising in binge eating disorder. These symptoms can be overwhelming, and often the sufferer feels hopeless, finding it difficult to take any positive steps. I can help you to regain control, and start to enjoy rather than fear food, finding a new and healthy rhythm to your life.

Registered Counsellor