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Dr Jo Gee

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Country-flag United Kingdom

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£ 75/hr

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I am an experienced BACP and UKCP accredited psychotherapist (BSc, MSc, PhD) working with adolescents and adults. I treat a range of issues such as depression and anxiety, and specialise in treating borderline personality disorder, eating disorders and mums (anxiety, depression, pregnancy, OCD, birth trauma, postnatal depression). I offer a range of specialist gold standard treatments and therapies helping clients to explore and improve past, current or future concerns, including Psychodynamic psychotherapy, CBT psychotherapy, DBT informed psychotherapy and Mindfulness therapy. I work collaboratively with clients, using different modalities subject to clients needs and goals. Alongside private practice, as a psychotherapist I have worked within the NHS and private sector and currently practice at The Priory Hospitals as well as lecturing on psychotherapy training

Accredited Psychotherapist
Psychotherapist- Integrative Psychotherapist