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David Phipps

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Country-flag United Kingdom

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£ 50/hr

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I have worked for over 10 years as a therapist. Being accredited means I have reached a high standard of proficiency according to the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). My current post in the NHS is within an IAPT Service. Due to working full time as a therapist I have completed in excess of 7000 practice hours with clients, some of which incorporates my work in a therapeutic community, supporting people experiencing acute distress. I have experience of enabling people to move forwards with many different concerns such as anxiety, depression, relationship problems and other long standing difficulties. As well as supporting people to build confidence, resolve conflicts and make life style changes. I have developed what is called an Integrative approach, which means I draw on various models of therapy to support people make changes in their lives. My integrative approach has at it's centre the building of a safe and supportive relationship, to support you.

Accredited Counsellor