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marina genovese fasoli

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£ 85/hr

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I am a BACP registered Jungian therapist working in private practice in North London. I offer an integration of my own life unfoldment, with studies, teachings, psychodynamics theories and practices. Rumi said: “The wound is the place where the Light enters you” pointing to the body as the doorway to the inner depth of our sacredness. I use inquiry and body-sensing as two of the main practices, to guide the other into an exploration of what is unfolding in the moment, supporting one to open more and embody our innate potential. In the process we will work with the psychodynamic issues that will arise as obscurations to our deeper nature, the main one being the self sabotaging of our Inner Critic (or Superego) that keeps us stuck in the limitations of our status quo. As the inner critic relaxes and as we learn ways to disengage from it, we will look at how relationships often keep us separate, defensive, blaming and rejecting of others and of oud of ourselves. We will do this, through t

Registered Psychotherapist