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Mark Bullock

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Country-flag United Kingdom

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£ 30/hr

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Are you feeling lost and alone. Maybe your facing a difficult time and just need some support right now or just need someone to listen to what your going through. Counselling can give you the opportunity to share how you may be feeling right now. I am an experienced counsellor with a level four diploma in therapeutic Counselling .I have also worked in various agencies supporting clients experiencing emotional difficulties such as anxiety ,stress, depression .suicidal thoughts and addiction. I incorporate three different styles of counselling CBT ( Cognitive Behavioural Therapy )to help you recognise patterns of behaviour and gain an understanding of how the way we think and feel about ourselves can determine our response and behaviour to events. Techniques to help you deal with anxiety, depression, or stress.Person Centred Counselling to help understand your experience and what you are going through. i also use psychodynamic techniques .

Registered Counsellor