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£ 80/hr

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As a qualified hypotherapist, I'm here to help you feel better. I use techniques that work directly with the subconscious mind (the brain's primal limbic system), which is where most of our tension is stored. It's that part of the brain that creates our fight-flight-freeze response for feelings of anxiety and anger. It also controls our automated habits, like smoking and emotional eating, and often psychosomatic conditions, such as IBS, muscle tensions and pains, allergies, fibromyalgia, etc. My approach is friendly and calming, and often produces positive change within a few sessions. I look forward to meeting you. Primary therapies: Hypnotherapy, BWRT, Havening, EFT, TFT, NLP; Primary help for: anxiety, fear, phobias, anger, jealousy, rage, IBS, post traumatic stress, PTSD, CPTSD, negative thoughts, unwanted memories, stress, stop smoking, quit smoking, weight loss, weight management, emotional eating, blushing, sadness, confidence, happiness, calmness, relaxation.