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Kerrie Gaelen

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Country-flag Australia

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£ 55/hr

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Weekdays and Evenings

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Do you sometimes feel that the family patterns are difficult to break away from or you feel you are making the same mistakes or picking the same type of partner? Have you experienced recent loss: of a job, a significant person or a relationship? Loss can be devastating and overwhelming. Do you have days where even getting out of bed feels as difficult as climbing mount Everest? Being listened to, without judgement, even for a few minutes is empowering. Counselling facilitates this experience and allows you to talk freely in a safe, confidential environment. Exploration through counselling can bring new light and understanding and promotes healthy change. Clients describe me as open, supportive and approachable. People have dark corners in their lives that need the light of understanding. I'm here to listen, to support and to help you find your own path through I am a Level 4 ACA membership (Australian Counselling Association) In Australia I charge AUD $110

Registered Counsellor