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Eva Lychrou

Name :

Eva Lychrou

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Language :

English, Greek

Based In :

Country-flag United Kingdom

Fee :

£ 100/hr

Availability :

Weekdays and Evenings

About :

I have always wanted to support people in changing their lives for the better. Not because I knew it all, but because I was always driven by the potential that I could see in them and what their lives would look like after that discovery was made; if only they allowed themselves to imagine something so compelling that their only option would be to go out and get it! While practicing in the UK and after having worked with a large number of Greek clients abroad, I can officially say that they are my favourite clients to work with! I become mostly passionate when working with them because we share a very similar story to tell! We both have found ourselves for whatever reason living abroad, we both had to start anew, but most importantly we both had to prove to ourselves what we are capable of. I believe that you have a potential which has always been inside of you, whether you have realised it or not, and this potential is waiting to be used in every possible way in your life.