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Neil Loffhagen

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£ 60/hr

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As a Gender, Sexuality, Sex and Relationship Diversity (GSRD) Therapist, based in Bracknell, serving the Berkshire area, my aim is to help you explore all aspects of your gender, sexuality, sex desires and relationships. I work with lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and queer (LGBTQ+) people. I offer full acceptance of who you are. I am happy and comfortable to work with and support you whatever your gender, sexuality, sex and relationships may be. Whatever you bring we will be able to explore together, leading to greater self-acceptance, plus greater personal peace. No issue is considered more important than another. Every area you bring is of unique importance. Being unique, the work we do together will be unique.

Registered with the National Council of Psychotherapists

Humanistic Therapy