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Cindy Pearce

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Cindy Pearce

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Country-flag United Kingdom

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£ 65/hr

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Weekdays and Evenings

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I believe we all have an innate drive towards healing, your interest in seeking counselling demonstrates this as your first step. Our relationship with ourselves is at the core of therapy. Our work together is to identify and remove the blocks that obstruct your potential to heal. My approach is integrative, allowing me to work with you according to your individual needs and inclinations. I help you find ways of understanding yourself, make choices and develop your confidence in resolving difficulties, becoming more aligned with your life journey. When the foundation of the relationship with ourselves is healthy, all other relationships are beneficially affected. I offer support in a safe place where healing and growth can take place, focusing on creating an atmosphere of acceptance and trust for exploration and transformation. Above all I am committed to working respectfully and sensitively with all, no matter what background, culture or personal beliefs you may hold.

Psychotherapist- Integrative Psychotherapist